Wednesday, 15 May 2013

When I got my plant it was healthy, I took it out of the soil and planted it in a jar. This jar had no soil in it, it only consisted out of water. I made use of a sponge to support the weight of the plant. I did my regular water changes weekly (changes the water once a week). After a while the health and growth condition of my plant increased/changes drastically. The plant was even more healthier than before; this made me feel very proud about myself and the plants improvement as well. As I already mentioned in my previous blogs, that the plant like to much direct sunlight. My plant grew so much and his leaves was so big that I had to replace my jar with a bigger jar. Firstly the plant was living in a peanut butter jar, but because of his growth I had to swap the peanut butter jar for a mayonnaise jar. At first I thought this was a good plan but after a while I notice that my plant improvement was not that good. I thought this was so because it got to much sunlight. I than placed it in a different angle as before; but still the condition of my plant did not improve. This was very sad to me, so I decided to changes the water more often. I changed the water twice a week instead of once, but still no changes it only got worst. I then came to the conclusion that it could be because of the jars swap that the condition of my plant decreased. By realizing that I almost caused the death of my plant, I made some changes again.

I took my plant out of the jar, changed I changed the water like I always did. This kept on going for a few weeks until I decided that the only way to improve the health condition of my plant was by cleansing its roots as well (or that's what I thought). For a number of weeks I did that in hoping my plants condition will improve and it would be as healthy as it was before; but sadly nothing happened. I lost all hope of saving little UNombuyiselo. I tried everything even take him out of the sunlight but still nothing.

Likely for me, Little UNombuyiselo is a fighter and is still alive although her condition is not so good as before. I think I must take her out of the mayonnaise jar and place her in her old jar again, maybe she liked it better I'll  never know. Her life long dream was to be part of nature and that is what I was planning to do next, plant her amounts the various other plants in my garden.


Betta fish and plant

It has been discovered that my plant and Betta fish is showing positive growth.Plant has increased its size and also allowed new shoots to be produced.More signs of growth was detected in the large amount of root production.Simultaneously the Fish is livimg is a safe natural habit Its food dosage is correct, in the sense of no ammonia found in the water.This was found in the results conducted each week. The waste materials of the fish is working well with the water and plant

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my plant at home is growing slowly the roots length has increased and color change from red to more green like
My Plant

My plant has been growing very well and is looking very healthy from my viewing. The plants leaves are still very green and new shoots are continually growing which shows good progress. However the leaves at the bottom of the flower seem to be dying but I would think that this is due to the lack of sun that the leaves get. The stalks are beginning to stretch outwards and the plants seems to be getting alot bigger from my viewing. Water is still very clean, this is also important as it is giving the plant fresh water and not dirty polluted water. However as the weeks have gone on, I have noticed a decline in the plants growth and numerous leaves have died

Monday, 13 May 2013

Plant Vs Fish

The plant at home seems to be growin well. It as an average of about 5 new shoots per day and about 6 leaves dying per day.
It took m a number of days to love y plant, but now i have given it a name and its name is Frnkie. Frankie has been showing signs of positive growth as it has been growing upwards and having green leaves. There are also some new shoots which are that the plant is now having green leaves mostly, but there are alsosome dying leaves. the water is decreasing, the other thing i noticed is that there are some pink leaves and brown ones but the dominating colour is green. The brown leaves indicate that the leaves are dying, all in all the experiment has also helped me to take of nature and i hope this will be a good stepping stone to seeing good results of my plant. The plant has adoted nicely to the environment

Friday, 10 May 2013

pictures of my plant

my plant grew up to this far. its a pity i could not find the pictures i took the very first time to show some changes. the water colour has changed to green with algae at the bottom as shown on the first picture of the plant, the second picture shows the plant my the horizontal view of the plant. luckily the roots remain the same. but maybe if i used an open bottle than this one some roots would have fallen away.  this plant is 20inch tall. i took the last picture last week and the picture on the bottom yesterday, i think it has reached the final height because the are no changes in the plant.