Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Hypoestes has been in a good condition so far, it is starting to grow new leaves but on the other side 5 leaves have died.the plant has adapted on the environment,there are new shoots on the plant.The colour of the plant is changing it is now darker and yellowish.The plant is also adapting quite well but it was not used to the environment firstly,now it has shown that it is in a good condition.all in all the plant is in good condition but showing some signs of dying in a later stage as the time goes by.


Greetings to all my name is Nomanesi Makhonco.I recently received a plant for an experiment that we hand to do for ESS.When I received the plant it was in good condition it had a pink and green spots it was in soil and in good condityion it was flourishing.What was required of us was to remove the plant from the soil and put it in water only and than record what was happening.My recordings so far are that the plant has 

My hypoestes plant

From the observation that i did regarding the hypoestes plant which had pink shades i was able to see that it has not been the same since we were given the task. The plant has been changing drastically due to the fact that conditions have changed to when it was in soil.The results that i have recorded so far show that the plant is growing.The plant has lost leaves and new shoots have also formed and there have not been ant flowers present.Another interesting observation i got was that the new leaves that formed are much more lighter in colour than the original colour the leaves.The reason to this may be that the roots of the plant are not getting enough nutrition compared to a plant that may be in soil.  

The Condition of the plant

My plant is growing relatively well,after clearing the soil off the roots, I placed my plant outside the house so that it can get sunlight

Observation of Hyoepstes plant.

I have observed my plant for about 2 weeks and a half. First few days it was outside daily and inside during the night. I noticed that my leaves wetre unhealthy and deteriorating, then i decided to reside it inside on the windowsill, without any direct sun light. It became healthier daily and very stable.

The crown of my plant is growing more rapid compared to the rest of my plant. Three shoots have grown and loads of new leaves has grown. The new leaves that has grown has less white markings than the other.

When I received my plant it had approximately 60 leaves and at present it has over 130 leaves.

My plant's water has turned green and looks like it has decayed due to it's colour. Four flowers has made there appearances with a very light pink colour. It normally grows today and then dies tomorrow.

That is basically the observations that I have made of my plant thus far.

kj's plant

after i washed my roots i placed my plant into a jam jar with water. i then put it in a sunny place in my house. the plant has gone through many changes, it looses leaves at the bottom and gains new shoots on top. the plant is in fairly good condition and continues to loose and gain leaves each week.
my plant

my plant is growing very well. After cleaning the roots and placing it in water it has started growing a few centimeters. As the plants grows the bottoms leaves are beginning to die. although the bottoms leaves are dieing it has been replaced by about 7 new shoots that has come out. I have noticed that the new leaves that grew are different in colour than the old leaves. They are lighter in colour. there is more chlorophyll in the new leafs

My plant journal

The plant has recently shown some development in terms of growth, the flowers have grown longer than before. Some of the leaves are becoming bright, turning more red and green. The sad part about the plant is that there are some leaves which are turning brown with black dots in them and that may show a sign of death, this my be caused by lack of sunlight in my room window.

my home plant

After observing my plant (white) for plus minus 3 weeks. Many changes have occured, the initial height of the plant was 8cm and after measuring it once a week it has shown an increase in its height to be 2cm. The water that the plant has been put in has stayed clear and has not changed colour. There has been an addition of 15 new shoots to the plant and 20 leaves have turned yellow and died (turned brown and fell off). The plant has grown in diameter, branching further out. I have also noticed that the roots have shifted against the glass furthest away from the light. Overall the plant being the control has been doing really well. It is in a healthy condition.
Hi guys. The first day I received my beautiful white plant called called Big Ben, he was in good conditions and when I arrived at my apartment I put the plant in a glass jar filled with water. Firstly, I removed the soil from the roots and rinsed through water. It took about six days to see a change on the plant as I have observed four new shoots on the leaves. After several days, some of the leaves started to wilt and became brown, whilst some shoots continued to be present.  I think the reason for my plant to lose so many leaves is because I did not expose it into sunlight and the energy was not sufficient. Another thing, the colour of the water started to change to brown after day 12.

My Awesome Plant

hi peoples!!!
this about my plant assignment:
My Plants name is Green Lantern, because of its green leaves. The plant is growing quite well. I situated it on the window sill so that its gets enough sun light. The colour of the water is quite clear maybe because I change the water every week. Alot of leaves have grown and few have died. A number of flowers have also blossomed, 3 to be exact, but one has died already. At the moment there is no sign of the plant dying.

Clinton's Plant Journal

At home I have a pink Hypoestes plant. The plant is in a glass jar with its roots suspended in water. The jar is positioned on the kitchen window-sill where it can capture as much sunlight as possible.

The plants smaller leaves are a bright pink which are on the new shoots, whereas the bigger leaves have lost abit of their pink colour and become dull. The plant is growing nicely as new shoots are appearing on the bigger branches of the plant. There are also a few leaves that have died and fallen off. I have changed the water three times in the three weeks that I've had the plant and still no flowers are present.

Plant Study From Home

The plant that I have been given to look after has been growing very well and strongly. the Hypoestes Plant has not died yet and has permanently been in  glass of tap water. over the last few days that I have recorded the leaves of the plant started off red. Over the next few days the bottom leaves were dying while new shoots and leaves were sprouting near the top. All the new leaves were green. No flowers have grown or budded yet. As the number of new shoots grow and increase so do the number of dying leaves increase. it is still growing and receiving lots of water and sunlight. the plant is not directly outside.

My plant blog

The plant which I am taking care off is growing well,with new shoots blossoming weekly. A purple flower started to grow but soon started drying up. The plant is growing at a slant but still is healthy. The leaves grow to a reasonable size and end up drying up eventually. The leaves are also very colorful but the new shoots aren't as colorful as the original leaves.
After I have received my plant, I took the plant home where i washed the roots to remove all the soil from the roots. Once the roots were washed the plant was then placed in a container filled with water. The plant took awhile to settle and grow, but after awhile the plant made good progress. New shoots started to grow and the shoots started to grow fairly high, healthy leaves also grew. However leaves at the bottom of the plant did die. However seeing the new shoots and healthy leave I can see that my plant is growing efficiently and surviving in its current habitat.
In the first week of observation of my plant, I've found that no major changes has happend to the plant.  On the second week I noticed that the plant is getting darker and leafs are starting to fall off.  New sprouts started showing the past weekend but has no pink color in them.  The new sprouts are displaying a bright green color.