Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hi guys. The first day I received my beautiful white plant called called Big Ben, he was in good conditions and when I arrived at my apartment I put the plant in a glass jar filled with water. Firstly, I removed the soil from the roots and rinsed through water. It took about six days to see a change on the plant as I have observed four new shoots on the leaves. After several days, some of the leaves started to wilt and became brown, whilst some shoots continued to be present.  I think the reason for my plant to lose so many leaves is because I did not expose it into sunlight and the energy was not sufficient. Another thing, the colour of the water started to change to brown after day 12.

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  1. hey there.I named my plant "AQUA GREEN".This name is from the inspiration of the combination of the aquartic enviroment and the plants.I was given the white plant,so far Aqua Green is doing pretty well.There are new leaf shoots and the small branches are growing thicker and taller,there are flowers blossoming there and their colour is purple.On the other hand there are some few leaves which are becoming yellowish,I anticipate that they will soon fall as they become drier.The change in colour is due to the lacking of sunlight at times due to the place they are situated.There is also an amazing change in root size,they are becoming much more longer,I think this is because the plant is finding its alternative way to can keep nutrient and water in balance.Otherwise my plant is in such a wonderful state.