Thursday, 9 May 2013

As it comes to the end of the six weeks i can gladly sayhat my plant has survived. however during the last week my play has made good progress and has been growing very well. i have in the st week changed the location of my plant so that my plant can recieve more sunlight, due to the fact that at one stage my plant was dying.

New shoots are still continuingly forming and the plant is growing quite tall from its original size. i have been satisfied with the plants progress and during the last few weeks i havent change the water once. So the water is still of good quailty and is providing the plants with good nutrients for the plant to grow.

Hopefully my plant continues to grow well and grows taller.


  1. your plant looks great its stilll full of leaves my plant does not have nearby asa much as leaves and yet i haev been making regular water changes, good work

  2. You have a beautiful flowered plant there mate, keep it up.