Friday, 10 May 2013

plant fish assessment

the plant in the lab doesn't seem to be growing at all. the water looks very green. wonder if the fish will survive much longer.

 Isolation week 9
the water looks bad but the plant seems to be growing more than the plant in non isolation. this means the nitrate level in the system is very high. Due to to nitrate level algae gets produced. That is why the water is so green. The plant height in week 9 is 26cm long and the root length is 62,5cm long. There are 11 new shoots in week 9.

Not Isolation week 9
this plant is very small and it doesn't seem to be growing. The water quality is bad as well. Very green.The Total Root Length of this plant is 40,3cm long. Plant Height 6,5cm and the number New Shoots is 4


  1. It could be that the smaller plant isn't growing because it is not receiving all the nutrients that it needs such as sunlight and the fishes nutrients, the fish probably isn't getting fed enough. You should investigate why this plant is so small and where it is situated most of the time.

  2. It makes me wonder that even though the water is changed every week but we still find algae in the jar. The question that i would love to ask is this. Does the algae have an effect on the fish and the oxygen in the jar?