Thursday, 9 May 2013

My WHite Hypoestes plant at home

My White Hypoestes plant at home:

This experiment was quite a challenge for me as I am not a girl with green fingers. My mother is very keen of plants, gardening and so on, and she was more excited than me when I brought the plant home. When my plant grew she even broke a stem from it to grow her own plant and it made roots (I will upload I picture so you can see).

I didn’t name my plant or talked to it, because I don’t believe that it would make a difference in the growth or health of the plant. However my plant is growing nice and strong if I compare it to those of the other bloggers. Below is what I did and observed:

·         For the whole duration of the experiment my plant was standing in the same place, on the windowsill in the kitchen, and I have never moved it. The plant never stood in direct sunlight, but it got a lot of light throughout the day.

·         I never watered my plant with tap water. I only use filtered water. The plant took up a lot of water, because every day I could see the water level was lowering by more or less 1cm and then I filled it up.

·         From the time I got the plant up until now, I have only changed the water twice. The water never turned to any off colour or had a funny smell, it always stayed clear. I think the reason for the clear water has to do with the fact that I use filtered water.

·         My plant produce between 5 and 10 new shoots per week and it loose about 4 leaves per week. Before the plant loose the leaf, the tip of the leaf’s colour turned brown. After that the green leaf’s colour becomes yellowish and the more the colour fades the closed it comes to falling off.

·         It was only in the fourth week that my plant began to flower. The flowers are very small and had a light pink colour. The life span of the flower however was very short. It only stayed there for one or maybe two days before it died or fell off. The one branch of the plant had 5 flowers on it at one and then after a few days there were 3 on another branch. Here and there only one flower comes out on a branch.

·         The roots of the plant haven’t grown very much and it is difficult to monitor the growth because the roots has not went down. It stayed in that bundled shape of the container it was in before I washed the soil off it.

·         My plant has grown quite a lot in terms of the height; I would say more or less about 6 centimeters. You can spot the difference clearly on the pictures.

·         Overall my plant is very healthy with a nice green colour. It lightens up our kitchen.

Below is my mother's plant I told you about:

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