Thursday, 9 May 2013

Survey analysis

The graph shows the variety of the colors of the fish that was experimented upon. We can see that majority of the fishes were red although my fish (BWI1) was blue so my fish basically falls on the minority of the color of the fish.


The graph shows the pattern of which the plant swims in. It is evident that most of the fishes like to swim round and round the jar. There is no apparent reason to this as it must be its preference

This graph shows the water change that is being done to the fish experiment. Water change is necessary because nitrates and nitrites build up in the jar and would cause the fish to die therefor water is changed. At first the water was changed once a week but they changed it and used twice a week. This was found time consuming and did not make much change therefore it was changed back to once a week again.


  1. hey pammela, i like the way you information is displayed, quit simple for me to understand all the staff you have put in.

  2. Thank you, and I simply used the information we were given and then used Microsoft Excel to make the charts.