Thursday, 9 May 2013

My plant at home is currently doing well, i also have changed the water yesterday to just give it some new life and breathinjg and also the thing that i have noticed on the plant is that the plant is green but has some dasrk things which are white like and i dont really know what causes it.The leaves are green but with dark things on some leaves,masybe this is caused by the lack of nutrients and also the energy which it receives maybe  it is not efficient and enough for the plant to grow properly.

Moving on to the plant and the fish which are kept at  the life science building,i am more concerned about the fish as it is in danger of dying as a result of the algae which has covered the water or in the jar.The plant is growing  in a good way and the fish is swimming round and round also the fish likes sitting at the top as it is looking for food.

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