Thursday, 9 May 2013

Snowy's growth

Hello Hey :)

 I wasn't sure whether Snowy was depressed or just overwhelmed by the presence of another plant living with her competing for the little sunlight that was present in the past weeks. Her plant growth seemed to reflect the gloom of the weather. More leaves were dying and fewer were growing back, the overall growth rate had become very static and decreased drastically. I feared it was her last days but tried to keep calm and keep her environment as constant as possible until the sun came back. I moved  a light lamp closer to just so she could get more light which seem to help a little. Now that we're back to sunny skies she seems to be livening up a bit and growing back up straight. She is using a lot of water now and I just top it up instead of doing a complete water change. Of course her growth rate is considerably slower than that of my RWN2  but she has lasted longer than I expected. There haven't been any flowers blooming in a while though.
*Happy 6 weeks Snowy*

Love, Peace & Happiness...XOXO

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