Friday, 10 May 2013


*There are 65 classifications of betta species.
*The most common type of betta fish  sold in the United States is betta splendense,which iscalled siamese fighting fish
*Betta is originating from Thailand,formaly known as Siam.
*They are called fighting fish because males are very very territorial and if put close enough enviroment attack of another Betta is more likely to take place.
*Generally they are kept in a tank by themselves.
*Betta fish are a fresh-water tropical fish.Fresh water tank are easily maintained,which is why many peoeple choose making the fresh water tank.
*The water temperature should b kept between 78-82 degrees,this is due to the fact that they are tropical fish so they like warm.Going lower than 78 degrees your putting stress on the betta fish itself and not nto be ideal.
*The average lifespan of betta fish is 2-3 years,but they have been known to be living up to more than 4-5 years in a tankthat is maintained on ideal conditions.They live short life spans due to poorly maintaind water tanks.
*Betta fish are carnivores,the find it better to eat things like frozen brine shrimp,freeze dried  blood worms ,but they still eat things like fish flakes

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  1. these fishes and plant are so interesting they both look pretty,east asia must have alot of pretty species