Thursday, 9 May 2013

Week 6 - Fish & plant experiment

One of the biggest concerns for my plant is that it has grown the slowest in relation to all the other plants. It doesn't necessarily look unhealthy, but it is much smaller when compared to the others.  My plant is the pink one in the front right corner of the image. Look at how small it looks when next to all the others.

My fish isn't very active. He stays in only the back bottom section of the jar and rarely swims around. Perhaps he just gets a little afraid when I visit, but it's also quite worrying knowing that he doesn't move. He also hasn't grown at all and looks just like it did the day the day the experiment, or appears that way at least.

The algae growth in my jar is still very high. I actually can't see anything through my jar because the algae is so thick. This would explain why my plant ( and possibly my fish as well) hasn't grown very much, because the algae is taking up all the nutrients. The jar definitely needs to be cleaned.

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