Friday, 10 May 2013


During these past weeks we had embarked on an experiment that sougt to find out how plant react to certain environment s and how to incorporate different adaptive management strategies in place.the betta survey was another way of managing the data that was collected from the experienment.We we received plants that we had to take home and remove from soil and then place then in isolation we then had a plant that was put in the lab this plant was put in a container that contained a fish the fishes came in different colour we used the males in this experiement as a result of their aggressivess,colours and size as they are slightly bigger thaen their female counterparts.
In the experienment we seeked to find out how plant growth was affected by the waste that was produced by the fish the waste is a form of nitrite which are a good nutient source for all pklants,we compared this with plants that were place im water only.and then observed the difference.
For the adaptive management part we had to analyse how to keep the water chemistry in balance ,how to to manage the amount of nitrites in the water body,and all the other components that affected how we managed our investigation.

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  1. What a nice graph you have used to demonstrate these survey nice work.