Friday, 10 May 2013

Final udate and observastions that were made.

The last time i blogged i decided against doing a water change due to my own curious ways where i wanted to see if my plant would grow any further is the water was not replenished.

I can say that a water change is very significant because i started seeing some results very quickly:
-more leaves started falling from the plant
-the water decresed in the jar
-the water turned green
-there were no new shoots appearing
-the stems looked bare

What i can say that the water turned green possible becuse a build up of nitrates in the system was not being cycled  as depleted nutrients that the plant needed was nit being recycled back into the system. The plant must have absorbed some the water because the water in the jar also decreased.

An algal bloom caused the water to turn green as there was algae now growning within the jar.
After doing some research, I discovered that because i put my jar on the window sill to get as much natural light (to aid in photosynthesis) I actually increased the rate at which the algal bloom was developing because the algae need natural to survive.

So from this experiment I have learnt that plants can grow and survive with only photosynthesis as the plants source of energy. I have also learnt thay water chemistry is of utmost importance so that nutrients can be replenished that have been taken up by the plant. I have also learnt that natural light from the sun can also impact the plant negatively.

This was great experiment as it helped me alot with my understanding of the way a plant grows.

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  1. if you have learn here it means we got this understand of AM because its also about learning.