Thursday, 9 May 2013

My plant is dying again

My plant keeps dying and then coming back to life, and I have no explanation as to why. Last week everything seemed fine and healthy, but now he's slowly losing more and more leaves. This is very strange because none of the conditions have changed. Another strange observation I made was that even though the plant was slowly dying, the roots are still constantly growing. My plant is living in all the correct conditions, sun, but not direct sunlight, good oxygen and maintenance etc. Yet it is still dying.


  1. Maybe you should move it and see what happens. Have you checked that there are not any bugs on that might be causing the sudden death. LOL!

    1. LoL I agree with you Allison, perhaps Dr. Toffa can revive the dying plat once again.

  2. hahaha all I want to find out is, when it died the first time, what did you do to make it survive? Perhaps you can do the very same thing.

  3. i agree with allison check if there are no bugs beacause i have mealie bugs and they cause the leaves of the plant to die and the reason why it starts growing then dies again could be that you flushed off the bugs and your plant is able to grow again but the bugs may have laid eggs and thus when the hatch your plant is under attack again