Thursday, 9 May 2013

Final Week

Final Week of Water Chemistry

This week the water was only changed once and suprisingly it showed improvement compared to the weeks when it had two changes.

The results of this final week is:

NO₃ (mg/l):                              0 - 10

NO₂ (mg/l):                              0

GH:                                            0

KH:                                            3 - 6

pH level:                                   6.4

As the weeks went by the pH level of the water was almost close to neutral. The nitrates which is the component that is most hazardous to the fish is between a certain variable 0 - 10 but this is closest to 0 which acceptable in terms of the danger it possesses for the fish as opposed to previously when it was between 25 and 10. As well as the nitrites that is a stipulated 0 this is excellent compared to first week when it6 was 1 (which is high).

This week the plant growth also showed massive 'good' changes compared to the plant thats dying at home.

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