Thursday, 9 May 2013

week 6- water quality and growth of BPN1

Today is the last day that I will be blogging about BPN1 :( TEAR TEAR.
Here are the results for week 6:

NO3= 0-10
NO2= 0
GH= 0
KH= 3-6
pH= 6.4-6.8

from the results obtained there has been no change in the water quality from last week. But for the last two weeks one water change has been done and for the previous four weeks two water changes have been done. Although the water quality is good and one still needs to do water changes because of the issue of algae that forms in the jar.

The has also been change in plant growth and here are the following results:

Total Length of roots (mm)= 514 (increase)
Good deviation
Total Height (mm)= 82
New Shoots or New growth= 6

It is great to see that the plant and fish is doing well. I am going to miss visiting my fish and plant dearly it was so much fun doing this experiment, I really learned a lot about adaptive management in terms of making changes to achieve a better result and to see what works best.

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