Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Plant and Fish update

My fish in the lab is still alive thankfully. The fish is not swimming as actively as it used to which could mean that it is either to relaxed, but according to the survey i can see there are a few fish that arent swimming.

The bubble nest is still in the jar but there are less bubbles in the nest than there was last week.

There is more algae developing on the substrate which could indicate that the jar wasnt cleaned or there wasnt a water change done. the fact the water is abit murky also tells me that water quality is not correct.

The plant one of the tallest in the lab as it has a height of 250mm a root length of 605mm which indicates that it is still growing. The plants that werer there last week are not there anymore. There were 8 new shoots on our plant.

These are the last results that i obtained from the lab:

NO3 - 0-10
NO2 -0
GH -  0
KH- 3-6

Our fish has been in this slighty acidic water but it is in the ideal environment for it to swim in.

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