Thursday, 9 May 2013

Final Report about my plant:(

It is the end of the experiment. My plant has been through it all. At the moment my plant looks very dull. There are 3 flowers on my plant but they are all dead! I am also noticing a fur on some of the smaller new leaves. There hasn't been much growth in the shoots and the roots are still the same although I have noticed white hard dots at the top of the roots close to the stem, I thought it was more mealy bugs but it is a fungus that occurs when there is to much moisture, this does make sense because my plant has been in water for 6 weeks and counting.  I have changed the water again because its been hot and some of the water evaporated. Some of the newer leaves are yellow and red, I find this very strange. Throughout this experiment i am very surprised that my plant has been growing like it has. Plants need soil for nutrients and this is a highly important factor we do not have and the plant is still growing:) I am so glad we did this experiment. It showed me that anything is possible.

As the experiment comes to an end, I am going to re-pot my plant and take care of it like i have been doing. I will leave it in the same environment and observe it. The ESS plant observation experiment may be finished but the experiment of life will never have a due date.

My plant looking fabulous in the sunlight:)

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  1. It is also surprising me that these plants are able to grow excessively without the soil. Most plants normally die at an early stage of development when placed in water.