Thursday, 9 May 2013

This is a critical analyses and summary of the observation made on the blue, isolated and male betta over six weeks

Week 1

This week was when the first observation was made on the Betta fish. During the first visit I noted how immobile the Betta was, probably because it was still adjusting to the new environment and the fact that no other fish were around. At the end of the first week the nitrites were measure to be 0 mg/l and the nitrates were 25 mg/l so the water quality was not that good with the presence of so many nitrates. The pH was measured to be 6.4 which is not so optimal for healthy nitrification of ammonia, and nitrites, as nitrification rates are rapidly depressed as the pH is reduced below 7.0. I compiled a recording template to take down a few things I could keep record of when I came to visit the fish.

Movement - the fish does not move much, it only abides to one region in the jar.
Roots- the roots do not really show much difference from the time is was placed in the jar
Colour of water- the water is clear
Colour of the plant - the plant is red
Flowers- there are no flowers as yet

Week 2

At the end of week two the results were that nitrites were measure to be 0mg/l and nitrates were 0-10mg/l and now this is a notable difference from week 1, now the system seems be coming to together in a conducive way where there are less nitrates present and the water quality is now much better. My personal record read the following way.

Movement -the fish is still not moving much, except for when it notices us looking at it closely then it changes direction with it's head.
Roots- the roots look a bit longer compared to the first week
Colour of the water- the water look clear but the fine particles are visible inside the water
Colour of the leaves- the leaves are red and so are the small upcoming shoots with speckles of red
Flowers- the are no flowers just as yet.
* Thats all for now, the next two summaries will follow :)

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