Thursday, 9 May 2013

Plant Study From Home (Final Week)

My plant at home has been growing gradually since the day I got it and put it in the glass of water. There has been a continuous growth of small, new, strong green leaves from roughly the middle of the plant to the very top. As this occurs the big pinkish leaves near the bottom have been continuously dying, mainly because of the lack of sunlight they have been getting. The plant has still ceased to grow any type of flowers mainly because of the fact that the plant is not receiving the right nutrients like the one in the lab with the fish. The water has not been changed for weeks as I see that it has not changed any colour and the plant has not seemed to die. The roots of coarse have also been growing and taking up the water as I have observed the water level was lowering.
I have posted up 2 pictures of my plant, one taken immediately after the transfer from soil to water and the second is the most recent picture taken:

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