Thursday, 9 May 2013

the story of my plant

my plant is more than 18 inch tall, having the green and red dots on the leaves. the leaves at the bottom are red with a little bit of green dots and the tap leaves are of the plant are green with some red dots. flowers always grow after three or two days but they do not live long they dye after two or more days.

the water has now gave me a sharp eye because now the water changed to green with too much algae at the bottom and this makes me wonder if is this not going to affect the plant besides i never changed the water i only pour some water in when need.

tender shoots use to grow after a day or two. these tender shoot grew into stems and leaves. this gave me an idea that stems and leaves are really part of the shoot system . the stems and leaves are so different and specialized that it is worth considering them seperately. i am using the word ''used'' because they no longer show any difference now i think they have reached their perfect height.  i can say the shoots enabled the plant to grow in order for plant to gain access to the energy giving light. what i noticed this plant is that the plant could not grow very well during the day it grew during the night , what i always notice is the morning was always more than the word amazed. but anyway i am great full that the plant thing has come to an end for the fact that i have no patience and love for plants.

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