Thursday, 9 May 2013

Today I went to look at my fish and when I got there I didn’t really see any changes that had been done in the last week or so. When I came there I observed the fish and didn’t see anything good that I could say just that it was still swimming and the plant was still alive. What I saw was, the water hasn’t been changed and as a result there is a buildup of algae. Since there are algae, it must be because of a high than normal level of ammonia nitrates. Other things that I saw were that our blue fish didn’t look like it has been doing much growing; the same is said about our plant. This is the isolated fish and plant.

Analysis form week 1 – 6

Throughout the 6 weeks I would say that the only variable that was hard to control was the nitrate level (NO3). The nitrate level was a bit high in week 1 and week 5 & 6. So that was the main thing that had to be under constant watch in order to maintain a low nitrate level. I think this is the main reason why there are algae in the water after the 6 weeks.

algae that is building up

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