Thursday, 9 May 2013

final feed back on my home plant and BPN1 + FEED BACK ON SURVERY DONE

My home plant is doing really well, its even taller than the first day i got it. The leaves are still tearing and i don't know why. My BPN1 the tank is actually really dirty due to the algae that has formed, and the water has gone yellow-green.

A survey was constructed from the questions that we asked.

one of the questions asked was what is the colour of your fish?

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from the data obtained we see that there are by One fish, red was the most fish taken by the learners.
taking into consideration that 3 fish were lost in the process of this experiment.
Also the red and blue coloured male bettas are the most common colour bettas you get.

2. what pattern did your fish swim in the jar?

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 from the result it is noticeable that the majority of the fish swim round and round, they have no where else to go. They also swim in that pattern because they need to go close to the top of the water to get air.

3. did your fish show signs of aggression/flare at anytime.
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the majority of the fishes have not shown aggression this is because they haven't felt the need to be aggressive has they were kept separate and not were not more than one in a jar. 

The survey done was a great idea, because we are now able to get an overview of how every ones fishes are doing.

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