Thursday, 9 May 2013

test kit change: sera - tetra

The test kit was changed because the original test kit used ran out and it could not be found anywhere. so this lead to a more expensive test kit being bought called Tetra.
This test kit is found to be more accurate in terms of pH level as a result having a better assessment.

It is said that if the NO3 levels go above 50 this could mean danger for the plant and fish especially. pH levels need to be between 6,4 - 6,8 and stay below a pH of 7 otherwise it will become alkaline and NO3 and NO2 becomes sensitive.

The results for week 4 were taken with both test kits for BPN1

Sera                                 Tetra

NO3= 0                             NO3= 0-10                         
NO2= 0                             NO2= 0
GH<3                                GH= 0
KH= 3-6                             KH= 3-6
pH<6.4                              pH= 6.4-6.8

If we have to compare Tetra, it would be more accurate in terms of pH.

Here are the results for week 5 are as follows:

NO3= 0-10
NO2= 0
GH= 0
KH= 3-6
pH= 6.4-6.8

the water quality for week 4 and 5 have stayed constant and this is a good thing, means that this fish is in the correct environment.

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