Thursday, 9 May 2013

Various Results of Survey (Take home plant and Fish+Plant)


I have read through the survey and found this result very interesting. The majority of the plants grew new coloured leaves. I think this is absolutely amazing, these plants are so diverse. I have concludes to why these leaves change colour is because of the lack of nutrients. 

                                        Are the new leaves a different colour to the original leaves?

Another set of results I discovered was about the fishes makes bubble nests. When a fish makes a bubble nest it usually indicates that the fish is relatively happy and comfortable. The result shows that at least half the fishes did not make a bubble nest. Maybe these fishes are not happy and are in discomfort because i am an animal lover i feel bad for them and maybe next year, if this experiment is done again, we could improve the quality of their living area and their lives. 

Did Fish make a bubble Nest?

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  1. I like the pie chart representation, especially the 3D thing going on just wish there were exact percentages so we can be sure of the numbers:)