Sunday, 5 May 2013

After all miracles do happen, we all remember what happened to my plant Gift two weeks ago and I mentioned to you that this might be a learning curve for me and also for you guys. Currently the plant is developing some colourful leaves and what I have noticed is that the plant has a mechanization of starting to recover from the top and secondly the plant is no longer taking more water like before, I dont know whether its because of that it lost a lot of leaves and maybe they were taking up the large amount of water.




Comparing this hypoestes plant with another plant we had at home which is indigenous in South Africa, I can say that the hypoestes recovered its leaves very quickly, some plants normally take more weeks, and this has shown me the capabilities that this hypoestes plant has.

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  1. I agree Zolisa,the plant at home didnt grow as much as the plant in the lab. An explanation could be that the plant in the lab had a fish that could use the nutrients in the water and recycle it into the nutrients that the plant needed to survive.