Thursday, 9 May 2013

After all this time the plant I took home with me is still trying to survive in he midst of deprivation of nutrients. The roots are extremely long, and I'm beginning to think the jar is too small for them. The stem also underwent a lot of elongation however it has fewer and smaller leaves. The leaf colour is a yellow colour. The water tends to get yellow very quickly now and I don't change them regularly, only like after a few days.

My system with the fish on the other hand is doing very well and the fish seems adapted to its environment. it does not like swimming around the whole jar however there has been an improvement in its movement side ways and a bit downwards movement. there has also been a lot of growth in the roots of the plant, so the system is working very well. I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping an eye both cycled and uncycled systems because I have learnt and observed so much.

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