Thursday, 2 May 2013

Betta Fish (RWI1) Week (3 and 4)

I visited the fish experiment in the lab today and it is still in the same spot, near the window and isolated from the rest of the fish by a piece of cardboard.
The plant its self is growing very well with one stem growing extremely tall and much taller than the rest of the other plants. This is proof that the cycle of the plant and fish are providing nutrients for each other and sustaining each other. There are leaves dying at the bottom of the plant but that is to be expected as those leaves get no sunlight and very little nutrients. This plant has budded small pink flowers but they do not seem very strong and healthy at all.
the water seems slightly murky but still clear. This could be an indication that the water has nit been changed recently or it is polluted which I highly doubt. But this murkiness relates to the build up of algae and fungi growing at the bottom of the jar, mainly on the stones.
Overall both the plant and fish are getting plenty of nutrients and sunlight and seem to be surviving really well. I will post up pictures in dew coarse.

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