Monday, 6 May 2013

BPN1 week 3

After 3 weeks of keeping track.

BPN1: the results have stayed the same no changes have occurred. BPI1 the nitrates and nitrites have decreased to where there are no traces of these elements in the water which is a good thing for the fish and the plant.Nitrates are potentially dangerous due to the effects on the water chemistry and on a healthy environment for your fish while nitrates are accumulating. The higher the nitrate levels the higher and severe the consequences due to the stress on your fish and the favorable conditions for a serious algae outbreak.

Should we still carry on with 2 water changes or should we go back to doing 1 water change per week? We decided that we would carry on with the routine of doing 2 water changes per week as to avoid the water quality going back to what it used to be. water changes supply clean oxygenated water to your fish – and that’s a good thing!
My plant at home is changing colour frm Pink to green. My water is showing no change. I change my water every Friday none the less.

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