Friday, 3 May 2013

Fish - week 6

My fish doesn't seem to have grown at all these past 6 weeks, nor does he look very healthy. I have a blue fish and pink plant, isolated (BPI-2).
My plant is also dying. Every time I visit, it has lost more and more leaves. It hasn't grown in height or width and just appears to be very poor condition. The roots have barely grown either.

My biggest concern however, is the murkiness of the water. I can hardly see my fish. At first I thought that my fish has been excreting a lot of waste, maybe too much for both the plant and water quality, although still changed often, to be healthy. I lifted the plant to get a closer look, and then realized that it wasn't the water quality that was a problem, but rather the jar. As far as I know, it hasn't been cleaned and it is likely that algae has developed along the inside of the jar. This could possibly be a reason for my plant and fish not being of optimum health.

Lastly, my fish seems very unhappy. I think he's lonely. He doesn't swim very much and only stays in the far, dark corner of the jar.

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