Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hypoestes and Betta in a nutshel

When I heard that we had to do an experiment where we had to keep a plant and fish I was a little bit worried because I am not good at looking after things, that it is why I do not have a pet at home. I love animals but I am not so interested in plants. I learned a lot about plants and the fish we had to work with. I found the experiment very interesting and challenging. The plant was not a lot of work, but we had to change its water and had to do observations on the plant. The fish we had to take care of was kept in the lab and thankfully I did not have to look after it, but also had to do observations. I learned that the Hypoestes plant can adapt to harsh environments. The plant needs water and nutrients to grow, the nutrients were produced by the fish which made the plant in the lab grow better than my plant at home. I learned that the Betta fish can also adapt to new environments and that it is an aggressive fish. I learned about how to make an aquarium for fish to live in and that it is a very difficult task. The highlight for me was the day we went to the nature reserve on campus that I did not even know about. The experiment was challenging and fun at the same. My plant is still doing well and our fish also.

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