Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Metamorphic Green *

My White spotted plant or rather green plant I should say has been undergoing a very noticable change over the past two weeks ... Firstly, the new leaves have come out as plain green with no white spots at all and the leaves with white spots somehow had the white spots disappeared. What could be the reason for this? Also the new leaves that are emerging seem to be a darker and deeper shade of green which does actually look very nice.

Secondly,, the roots of my plants have seemed to have stopped growing and the colour has changed from a predominately white to a yellowish brown. There has also been a great number of leaves dying although I continued doing my weekly water changes. This was very weird to me in the sense that I never had leaves die this often. As it stands now, over the past 2 weeks, i counted a total of 13 leaves turning brown and eventually dying :(

My plants overall growth growth has also slowed down and does not seem to be making any growth progress anymore? Again, what could be the reason for this?

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