Tuesday, 7 May 2013



As you can obviously see from the above pictures the is a huge difference between the two plants.the first one is obviously the one that we took  home and had to only give it water without anything ,we also removed it from the soil and i kept changing the water once a week as the water turned brown in afew day,what i observed was that the roots started growing larger and the leave started to change colour from pink to green that was proberbly the most striking to me as I thoudht this was very interesting ,as you can see from the above picture the shoots are completely green showing that the plant is changing the colour of its leaves.what i also observed was that at first when we were fist given the plants there was alot og growth in shoots but this has declined but what striked me the most was the fact that it took longer than i had thought,I thought the plant would die in a matter of days but to my surprice it took longer.the leaves did fall though but because there were such alot of shoots growing everyday one could not notice that there were leaves falling the average leave fall was at maximun 2 leaves every 2 days.The stems of the plant grew thinner and less succulent and in a mater of weeks the plant did not look its normal self.and also rate at which it sucked the water was very high,there are a few leaves no but the shoots are still growing surprisingly.

The plant at the life science building, code:(RWI2) seems to be doing great.It receives a water change once a week ,it contains a fish which is a source of its nitrites ,the fishes movement helps to spread the nitrites all over so the roots are able to absorb the nutrients,the plant has not lost any leaves,its has grown flowers ,IT HAS INCREASED IN HEIGHT.The plant has not changed its colour.

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  1. oh my poor pinky is coming back to life i new she would not leave me,oh she so strong i thought she'd be dead by now,how amazing she is