Friday, 3 May 2013

My plant

The plant  i was given its growing slowly in a way, the stem of it is growing tall, the shoot are also growing, but in my plant the leaves are are having brown spots meaning there are signs of dying leaves. The leaves are still green as they were. it is only growth that is slow taking part
instead of my stem or the actual plant to grow fast and tall, the roots are there ones who are growing.if you look carefully to the roots you see that they have grow long and when i put them in the jar before they had a bundle, and since the are growing they are long enough to form another bundle amd my assumption is that there other bundle is formed because of lack space in the jar. The colour of my root is pale and they are clear.
I even name this picture as after life, because if you look clear on the right next to the jar there are more that six dead leave. The volume of the leave is not longer as bushy and thick as a forest they  are actually falling quickly than they use to, but the roots are growing and pale as they were and also the leaves  are still green even though others are dying

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