Thursday, 2 May 2013

Plant Study From Home (week 3 and 4)

As I have been monitoring my plant I have realised that it has been growing very slowly but at least not dying. It is still growing new shoots while the bottom leaves are dying. The new leaves are still very green with very small dots of pink, while the old leaves are mainly pink but going brown on the sides. I did manage to find a spider in my plant and it appeared to be nesting in one of the leaves. I have not yet seen the need to change my water again because the water still seems clear and the plant seems to be surviving in it. There are still no flowers budding even though they are budding on the plant in the lab with the fish in it. The plant does seem to grow but only if I notice it carefully. So over all the plant is survivng and improving but nothing major other than the spider I found between the leaves. I will post a picture up in dew coarse.

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