Thursday, 2 May 2013

Plant and Fish Journal


My group and I went to view our plant today and i am pleased about I have some good news for all of you. We are group RWI1.

My plants stem is growing very efficiently and is one of the tallest that is in the laboratory. It could be a good indicator that the system where the fish is in is 'cycling ' efficiently since the plant is getting enough nutrients for it to grow as much as it. There are flowers on the stem of the plant and there are already some flowers that have died as they were found on the side of the jar.

There is a bubble nest that is in the jar which was formed by our red betta fish. I have learnt that bubble nests should be formed by my male betta fish as it is isolated and alone in the jar. Fish create a bubble nest when there is no female present. The air bubbles are created with saliva so that durabilty of the nest is increased. The fish is swimming very pleasantly under nest.

The water that my fish is in has gotten abit cloudy or merky which could be related to the fact that a water change has not been done yet so there is abit of algae that has formed within the jar.

My plant and fish is still alive which means that I will continue blogging for a while.

Till next time...

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