Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Successful growth

Its been over 5 weeks now and my plant is seemingly growing more strong. My other fellow classmate's plants have either died or have never grown flowers, some even grew little bugs. So this is what I have been doing to take care of my plant

a). I change the water every two days and wash the roots and the flowers
b). I change the positions of where I put my plant at the room. Sometimes I expose it to sunlight and sometimes I put it away from sunlight. I found out that my plant actually grows successfully when its exposed to sunlight and this could only mean that this plant must be an outdoor plant that loves sunlight.
c). I clean out the dying leaves and and dying flowers so that the plant stays clean at all times.

My plant is growing very tall and very successfully and is very tall. More leaves are dying but more are still growing but changing colour too. The colour of the water in my plant is clear compared to the one in the fish which is discolored i.e it is green. I will keep my plant for as long as it survives because the maintenance and taking care of it is actually not time consuming but therapeutic.

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  1. My plant is still underdeveloped, maybe the regular water change and changing positions has enhanced the fast growth of your plant. I think i should also try it out and spot the difference.