Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I must say people are blogging a lot often, and I cant even think of anything to say. I just feel like everything about the fish has been said already, and everything about our take home plants has also been said. I havent said a lot about my fish, nor betty(the fish plant), and thats only because I have been negleting visiting them I sappose. The last time I went though, I witnessed the water change process which was interesting, but not if you're going to be doing it every week and especially if you're the one doing the water change.

 A tube-like funnel was used to actually suck the water from the tanks, without harming the fish. I noticed that the girl who was changing the water didn't take all the water out from the tank, I assume this is essential to keep good bacteria alive in the water so that cycling continues in the tank. As we all know cycling is basically the nitrogen cyle in the tank.

The fish are still in good condition, I check everyone's fish, so classmates-rest assured:) I really like the female fish too, they may not be as pretty as the males but they look more relaxed and happy. which reminds me, don't the isolated males get lonely?

One more thing, my fish hasn't made any bubble nest yet:(... Who has a fish that has made a bubble nest?

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