Wednesday, 1 May 2013


A terrible week for me and my destroyer. Last week it was working out fine but after what i have seen yesterday morning my heart is truly broken. I looked at the water in the container during one of my observations i typically do every morning and saw that my plant had lot of some lose roots that were floating on top of water. When i touched the remaining alive roots, some were easily removed from the plant not strong adequate to hold on to the plant. I'm afraid to lift the plant up and count the number of roots because i think that will make me to lose more roots. The accumulation of these small lose roots on top of water, makes the water brown in colour. The leaves on the other side as well are falling down on to water. I now avoid to open up windows in my room, as wind once came through the window and blew five leaves down to the floor. Can you imagine having the scarcity of leaves, and wind does not take that at all into consideration. Even though they were partly brown on the edges but i believed that they could hold on to the plant and somehow get better or go back to their initial green colour before wind destroyed that dream of mine. I will try to do the water change softly and hopefully by so doing the roots will go back to their normal condition. It is sad though because I seriously do not have an idea of the cause.

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  1. oh your not alone my pinky too is suffering from the same thing,its so said but just try to give him some water and he'll be ok.