Wednesday, 8 May 2013


My plant is losing a lot of leaves lately, but it is still doing good and growing new leaves. The new leaves that are growing are very dark. My plant that I have at home differs to the plant that is kept in the lab with the Betta fish. The plant at the lab leaves is more colorful than my plant at home. The new leaves of the plant that grows at the lab have more white spots than my plant at home. My plant at home is a darker green than the plant at the lab. The water of my plant at home is brighter than that of the plant at the lab. The growing of the plants at the lab seems to be better than that of the plants at home. This can be due to the fact that the fish in the tank where there plants are also in release nitrogen. The nitrogen acts as a fertilizer and I help the plant to grow better than my plant at home. 

This is a picture of my plant at home.

This is a picture of the plant at the lab.

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