Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The last time we saw our fish, it was healthy and very active and also we found out that it had made a bubble nest. The water in jar was crystal clear there wasn't any noticeable algae growth which is good for the fish. I was very disturbed when I saw other people's fish as I could see that the fish was stressing because the condition of the was very poor. There was a lot of algae in the water and the water was gloomy, it was difficult to even see the fish.

Unfortunately I'm unable to show you guys the pictures of the fish at the moment, but I, however, show you guys the picture of my plant at home that is doing extremely well. But my plant has put me in a spot of bother lately as it losing a lot of leaves than it was for the past couple of weeks, however, it is producing more leaves than it was for the past couple of weeks. The color of the plant is purple but the plant is starting to become greener every day as the new leaves are green in color;  most of you guys will probably be seeing Danny as I call it for the first time


The disappointing part about this plant is that it has been unable to produce flowers as I have heard that other people's plant has been able to produce flowers. The common thing that I have noticed and a lot of people have been blogging about this, is that the roots of almost all the people's plant have grown pretty well. The roots of my plant have also grown pretty well and they have become thicker as well.

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