Thursday, 2 May 2013

my plant

my plant use to grow day by day but now its no longer growing that way it takes it a week to or two days to grow. what i noticed is that the water colour has now changed to green with some algae i will try and upload some pictures later on. in the morning there are always purple flowers growing but during the day they die. i inserted my plant in a small quali juice bottle which kept the roots together. i never changed the water, i only  add water once a week. what bothers me is that every time when i change my plant position some leaves fall decreasing the number of leaves. this week two leaves turned brown with a few leaves pink in colour.

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  1. i would like to see that green algea that had developed, because to me it just a colour change in water only. i wonder why to you though, let me say uviwe it probably receiving more than required sunlight as Mr knight sad the other day that algea is stimulated by an inclination in sunlight received. thanks though for updating us.