Thursday, 2 May 2013 Bob
he looks extremely healthy and happy as he is not able to see any other fishes and therefore he is not agressive.
He was swimming in all sorts of dierections, which was very confusing when i wanted to underline in which direction he was swimming on the survey.

The water was clear and had no algea when we checked it out.
Thats a good thing for us beacause i've seen that a lot of other fish jars are filled with algae and the water just looks bad!

Our plant is doing good as well. It managed to flower something like 2 times and now tghe flowers seem to be dying.
The leaves were first white but now they have changed their colours to green with white spots on em.


  1. I guess we now have Bob the fish and Bob the plant:)

  2. Bob unlike my red fish does not seem to be a fan of the roots, he seems more of an explorer then again my fish is not isolated so it can see the other maybe swimming inside the roots is some form of defence to stop itself from seeing the other fish and become stressed and aggressive