Thursday, 2 May 2013

Seventh and final week of my Hpoestes plant observation.

Week 7:

I changed the water this week, the first day since I changed the water it was getting slightly better. It showed some very good results. After day one of this week it just got worst, at day three I noticed that it was probably the biggest , mistake I have made since the day I received my plant. My leaves that were once so green with its pretty white spots and over all plant with its pretty purple flowers, is now completely dead. I don’t understand how the leaves that are in the middle of the crown stem are dying, the leaves on the bottom are busy dying but does not look the way my black leaves do. My structure of my plant is still stable, like I would expect it to lean it did not.

The flowers are still growing but very slow only had two flowers grow in a whole week. I had approximately 180 leaves on my plant by last week and I have about 155 plants left that’s how much I lost since I changed the water.

My mother has resorted to putting my plant between the other house plants we have in our home. It shows some difference but it is still quite weak.

I will post pictures soon of how my plant looks at the moment.

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