Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Beta fish

We were given a fish in the adaptive management part of the ESS module. We were divided in groups and each group received a fish on which they should collect data and to see how the fish behave. The Beta fish is also known as the Siamese fighting fish. The Beta is a popular freshwater aquarium fish. The fish is found mostly in Asia. They are well known for their brilliant color. They live up to 2-4 years in captivity. They prefer a warmer climate, around 25-30 Degrees Celsius. Beta fish are adapted to breathe air at the water's surface. They are carnivorous, surface feeders. Males build bubble nests at the surface of the water. Males and females flare their gills when they feel intimidated. Male Beta must be kept isolated from one another or else they will fight until one dies. they are curious fish and not afraid of humans. What I observed is that the fish likes to swim mostly at the bottom and reacts to human movement

This is a photo of the Beta fish.

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