Sunday, 21 April 2013


Introducing Betty, now my partners dont know about it(Mandy and Rosette) but Betty is our 'betta plant'. Betty is far from being ugly, as she proves to be the fastest grower in comparision with Bob. I assume we all know why Betty grows faster than Bob as this was our ESS hypothesis from the word go. And for those who dont know by now, Betty grows faster because of exposure to more nutrients secreted by the fish which is essential for plant growth, hence Betty appears to be healthier than Bob.

Last week  there was confusion on whether we should stick to the water change of two times per week, but I dont think there's a need for that. The water change can alternate every week, some weeks the water can be changed once and the following week the water can be changed twice and so on. That way, we have best of both and that should clear the division amongst us. I saw how the water is changed in each tank and it quiet a long process, and the room is small so it makes it harder to move around and that's why I feel that changing water twice a week is a bit daunting but if you don't agree with me, feel free to post comments.

take care!

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