Thursday, 18 April 2013

the plant that I have named green lantern has grown a lot since I started this experiment. Its still looks in good condition but there are many leaves that have died and fallen off. in contrast  many small leaves have also grown. The stem is quite thick and strong. Some of the old leaves have brown spots on it. At the moment I can count 5 small pink flowers that have grown, 2 of those flowers looks like its going to die soon. the roots looks like it has grown longer. The main thick root has turned green, I am not sure why. The water that I have thrown in the container has decreased and the water doesn’t look as clear anymore.
For the fish-plant experiment I have chosen the blue fish with the white plant. So far things look like it is going well. There has been a few leaves that has fallen off already and there are many leaves that have brown spots on it. The plant looks quite small to the plant I have at home. The roots are also small in length. No flowers have grown on the plant that contains the fish in the water.

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