Friday, 19 April 2013

Snowy's distant relative

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A few weeks ago we were introduced to our Betta fish also known as syanese fighting fish because of their aggressive nature. My Betta-Plant combination is RWN2 which is a red Betta fish, a white hypoestes plant (like Snowy) and its not isolated. We were informed that the water was changed once a week and only a 20% water change of the 3L jar was done. There were significant differences between Snowy and the sister plant with the Betta fish. That plant was growing much bigger and taller than Snowy and at a faster pace. Although Snowy had a more extensive root system growing, which is usually the case when the plant is searching for nutrients, the sister plant was way ahead of her in the leaves and shoot department. Its leaves were much brighter and broader in comparison and they maintained their varigation while Snowy's leaves were more dull even yellowing a bit in colour and lacked varigation.

Water quality results from the first week for the sister plant are as follows :

NO3 (mg/l) - 10

NO2 (mg/l) - 0

GH              - <3

KH              - 3

pH               - <6.4

The results correspond with how the plants growth has been. The plant has been growing well which indicates that it is taking up nutrients (nitrates and nitrites being produced by the fish) and this is proven by the low number of these nutrients in the water.
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