Friday, 19 April 2013

My plant journal (week 15April-19April)

This week I have started noticing that more and more leaves are falling from my plant which is an indication to me that the plant is probably not growing as much anymore. The only answer that I have for this that the weather has changed alot in the past week and my plant has not got as much sunlight for photosynthesis as it should due to the rainy weather.The plant is only surving due to photosynthesis and for this to happen sunlight has to be present.

There still is no flower that has bloomed, making me really worried. The shoots where the flower should grow are extending , making me more anxious for the arrival of the flower.

I have done a water change this week so that the plant can get more nutrients, but at the moment more leaves are falling, leaves are not as bright as they used to be and less shoots are growing.

Hope with better weather and more sunlight, I'll see greater results.



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