Monday, 22 April 2013

My plant observation

My plant has shown a tremendous change from the first time i had received it.The first picture shows the plant days after i had received it and the second picture shows the recent growth of the plant.The plant has changed in such a way that it has lost a lot of leaves and regained some of the leaves,it has grown up by a few centimeters and the colour of the new leaves has also changed slightly.It was worrying to see the plant loose a lot of the leaves because i thought it was dying but instead slowly it is growing new shoot. The roots of the plant have also grown a i had to change the container in which the was in at first.
On the other hand the plant that is in the lab is also growing tremendously.Compared to the control it is much more taller.It is also loosing a lot of leaves with shoots regaining as the leaves die.None the less both the plants are growing respectively.

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